The Oasis

If you are feeling overwhelmed, worn out, cold or just want a friendly chat, help is at hand at The Salvation Army in Saffron Walden every Wednesday from 11:30am to 3:00pm.

That’s because we have launched Oasis Drop-in at our hall on Abbey Lane and anyone who wants a few minutes away from the trials and tribulations of modern life is welcome to drop in.

We recognise the toll the recent years has had on people of every age, and the increasing cost of living will only add to the stresses of daily life. Our hope is that the Oasis Drop-in will provide a safe space for people to take a breather and relax from day-to-day pressures, to build meaningful relationships, and by receiving emotional and spiritual support, increase their overall sense of wellbeing.

The building is well-suited for the Oasis, as it can be split into two halves. One is a parquet floor where we intend to hold conversations, pray for people and provide drinks. This will be separated by a glass partition from the main worship hall which is a carpeted area where people can meditate, pray, and reflect. It will also feature calming sounds and a calming scene.

For more information, email or call 07306 395665.

On 27th December 2024 Oasis will take on a festive theme with games and mince pies. Join us for fun, food and company.